Online Exam Management

Online Exam Management

Online Exam maintainance for different educational institutes. Online Exam / DEMO →

Application Features
login Id/ Password

Registerd your details and Every user will be provided with a login id and a password.

Using these login details users will login.


A time limit of 1 hour is prefixed for answering all the questions.

If you get timed out, you will not be able to attempt the rest of the questions.

Exam Details

The time table for the entire test will be announced.

The user will get a reminder message 1 day before the test.

The questionnaire will be scrolling in a loop and you need to select the correct answer and proceed till the entire sets of 60 questions are answered.

You can attempt only once.


Your score will be calculated on the correct answers given

The user as well as the parents will get to know their test result immediately after the user presses submit button in the end of the test.