Website Re-Design

Venture Wings Group

A website demands complete MAKEOVER and FACELIFT when it loses its capability to match the changing tastes of the niche and upgrading algorithms of search engines. At Venture Wings Group, we render absolute redesign support to help clients obtain the most coveted results through website rejuvenation.

Transforming site contours is what we specialize in. To help our clients excel in their business promotion endeavors, we add New Functionality Professional Image and Engagingness to existing websites to revive their revenue generation capability. We at GFT understand the mercurial demand of users, search engines and businesses; and direct our efforts to bring stagnant businesses into motion.

Fresh Look, Revised Site Map and Latest Web Standards are core areas we emphasize on under website remodeling activities we undertake

Our Website Redesigning Process begins with:

* Examining the existing Website.
* Analyzing the recent industry trends and niche tastes.
* dentifying the areas of the existing website which needs up gradation for various parameters
* Discussion with the Client and suggesting Required Changes
* Redesigning the Website

We garnish websites with a colorful tincture, superior navigation, and extraordinary site architecture to create a perfect blend of Beauty and Functionalism

5 reasons to consider a website redesign

Your current site looks outdated :

Websites are like any other type of marketing, or like your physical storefront itself. After a while they start to look dated, and out of touch with the rapidly moving online marketplace. Revamping your website can instil new life into your business and show your visitors that you're as fresh and dynamic as ever. Remember, first impressions count!

You need to keep up with the competition :

In business no-one stands still for very long, for fear of getting left behind. Almost all businesses now rely on the Internet to some degree, from providing product and service information, to accepting online orders. Visit your competitors' sites and see how your online presence compares. If your website isn't as good as or better than theirs, then you've work to do - it needs to be!

You need to introduce a content management system :

If your site content needs updated regularly, e.g. with product details or prices, latest news, upcoming events, or details of your latest projects, then a content management system (CMS) is the answer. A CMS allows business owners and individuals to keep website content up to date quickly and easily, with no technical knowledge required. Your site will still look as unique as ever, but it will be a dream to maintain.

Your site doesn't appear on the search engines.

People usually invest in websites to publicise their products and services, but often their sites are nowhere to be found on the search engines. There are lots of reasons why sites fail to rank highly (or at all!), but frequently basic design flaws are at fault. If search engines find your site hard to navigate they will most likely ignore it. Many of the elements of effective search marketing, such as effective use of titles, keywords and headings, are best addressed as part of a site revamp.

Your customers have told you to redesign it.

As a business owner you will appreciate the value of customer feedback. If someone told you that your shop smelt bad, you'd certainly get it sorted promptly. Similarly, listen carefully to what your online visitors say about their experiences within your website. In fact, ask them what they like and dislike about it. A simple feedback exercise can yield surprising results, and if you quickly and effectively address any issues then you'll win more custom, instead of losing it by ignoring them.